Calling all potential community organising superstars! Get involved in a green jobs campaign!

Hello! Were you excited by our subject line, or know someone that might be? Then hoorah, because we need you!

Here at The Otesha Project UKwe are passionate about green jobs. We lurve them. (Don’t know what a green job is? Check out the UK Youth Climate Coalition’s definition here). There are over 1 million unemployed young people in the UK right now, and we are facing ever greater environmental challenges from the effects of climate change, pollution, waste, and degradation. They are, like, these two MAJOR problems, and we believe that we can go some way to addressing both of them by matching up the people that need the work, with the work that needs to be done. 

That’s why we have been working hard in East London over the past year, coordinating the East London Green Jobs Alliance. We have brought together all sorts of different people – from unions, to job centres, to think tanks, to youth workers – to advocate for green jobs and skills, influence policy, engage our local community, and do practical, on-the-ground work creating training and job placement programmes for young, unemployed people in our area. 

We are hoping that this project will be a ground-breaking demonstration of what’s possible – reducing youth unemployment in East London, having a positive environmental impact, building capacity within local organisations and businesses and putting green jobs higher up the political agenda.

The exciting news is that our ambitions aren’t just local. We want to spread this movement BIGGER. We want to support people who want to set up similar initiatives, and we want to learn about other people who are doing cool stuff and bring those stories back to London. We want to create a network of people working together on these issues, because when we all work together, better stuff happens!

We will be travelling the UK this year, visiting communities to help them start conversations and get some green jobs stuff off the ground. If you are an organiser (or just a really enthusiastic person with good networks) who would like to host an event, or start something up in your community, then get in touch and we will come on down! Or if you know anyone that you think might fit the bill, then please pass this on. You can contact me (Hanna Thomas) on, or on 0207 377 2109.

It will be great to meet you, and we can’t wait to work with you!


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