Newsletter – November 2012


Welcome to the first edition of our new monthly newsletter!

You may have also seen our newly revamped website and newly rejigged mission. Our new mission is to network – by bringing members together to share information and stories, amplify – by showcasing and highlighting what works, and campaign – leveraging our collective voice in progressive campaigns and rapid response lobbying.

Through this newsletter, we want to share news, connect people, and most of all promote the work that you’re doing to show that we’re already well on the way to building an inclusive green economy. So, if you would like to contribute or be featured in future newsletters, just shoot us an email!

Tell us about yourselves!
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First up, if you come from an organisation that has been involved in the Alliance (or wants to get involved) then help us fill out the members section of our website with a bit of information about you. Please email with your logo and some text about your organisations’s aims and activities. Show the world that you’re in support of green and decent jobs!

Hot off the press


Hurricane Sandy has caused a storm in the press, with Bloomberg Businessweek declaring It’s Global Warming, Stupid.

The coalition government have tussled over wind energy, with Tory Energy Minister John Hayes giving conflicting statements about the government’s wind policy to the renewable industry and the Daily Mail. This has lead to fears in Yorkshire that German manufacturing giant Siemens will be scared off investing in a £210m turbine factory in Hull, putting new green jobs at risk.

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond has set a new target to generate the equivalent of half of Scotland’s electricity needs from renewable energy by 2015.

Case study – Clean Energy Works Oregon


Liz McDowell, former chair of the East London Green Jobs Alliance, moved back to her native Canada earlier this year. In her new blog post she shares some inspiration that she’s found on the other side of the Atlantic…

Clean Energy Works was established in 2009 as a Portland-based pilot, testing out ways to encourage the growth of green and decent jobs by developing the home weatherization and retrofit market. The founders wanted to promote social inclusion and reducing carbon emissions at the same time by bringing together homeowners with local contractors, lenders and utilities so they could easily upgrade their homes for energy efficiency. It was created through a unique financing model that makes efficiency upgrades more accessible to homeowners by helping them get private loans to carry out the work, which is then repaid with the savings on their energy bills. In 2011, the programme secured funding expanded to all of Oregon. Two years in, they’ve retrofitted 2,000 homes out of a possible 500,000 statewide in need of efficiency upgrades and employed almost 900 people, including 240 new jobs in construction. A key part of their strategy has been something they call the High Road Standards and Benefits, a set of benchmarks for including people who’ve been historically left out of economic development. Now that the Green Deal has been launched in the UK, the High Road strategy is an interesting counterpoint.

Click here to read more..

Training opportunities


The Otesha Project UK have spent the last 10 months adapting the successful US environmental literacy and job readiness curriculum ‘Roots of Success’ for a UK audience. It’s a 9-module curriculum, each one themed and aimed at raising awareness of local and global environmental issues whilst improving essential job market skills. At the end of each module there are case studies on relevant green jobs, how to access them and career pathways. It’s interactive and dynamic, using videos and discussion to engage and give participants a solid understanding of environmental literacy.

They’ve started piloting the UK version with groups here in East London, including young people at The Prince’s Trust Team Programme and with trainee bike mechanics on Bikeworks ‘Cycle into Work’ scheme. They have had very positive feedback; one trainee left saying “I definitely want to have a green job!! I knew that already, but this class opened my eyes.” If your organisation would be interested in Roots of Success training for your beneficiaries, then get in touch with

Member of the month

Friends of the Earth and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition invited us along to the Green is Working action outside the Treasury on 18th October. 250 people joined together to recreate the iconic Saatchi & Saatchi ‘Labour isn’t working’ advert used by the Conservative Party in 1979. It was great fun!


With insulation and extreme weather causation,


p.s. Don’t forget to email us your opportunities and stories for next month’s newsletter. Send to me at


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