Newsletter – December 2012


December 2012

Happy December! We hope you’re surviving the cold and are well-insulated! And to those who say “what global warming?”, you can still point out that this has probably been the ninth warmest year on record. Ever.

If you’ve just signed up, this newsletter intends to share information, connect people, and most of all promote the work that’s already happening to show that we’re well on the way to building an inclusive green economy. So, if you would like to contribute or be featured in future newsletters, just shoot us an email!

Want a green job? The Otesha Project is hiring!


The Otesha Project is searching for a new Green Jobs Director working to train up young people and get them into work in the horticultural sector. This is a great chance to join the Otesha team, lead on their pioneering green jobs programme, and see it into a new phase.

The contract is for 2 years starting in February at 2.5 days per week, moving up to 3 days when additional funding is secured. Click here for more details. Application deadline 19 December 2012.

Hot off the press


First, the bad news. Today is the last day of UN climate negotiations happening in Doha, Qatar. As usual, our political leaders are making frustratingly slow progress… (Business Green)

… while ice sheets are melting three times faster than predicted… (Guardian)

… the new Energy Bill locks us into a dash for gas…. (Friends of the Earth)

aaaaand the Work Programme isn’t, ahem, working. (Guardian)

The good news is that we are fighting back. Here in Hackney, campaigners are shouting loud that green is working, the Aldersgate Group have come out with a new Skills for a New Economy report, and 750 wind factory jobs are coming to Scotland. Yippee.

Case study – Kotuku Environmental Labourer Project (KELP)


West-London based Kotuku CIC is working hard to find innovative ways to promote sustainable resource management in the construction industry. One way they are doing this is through the successful KELP programme that takes unemployed young people through training into green jobs in the construction industry.

Working with JobCentre Plus, participants are taken through a two-week ‘environmental boot camp’ where they visit construction and waste facilities, learn about sustainability and gain practical skills in order to get their CSCC green card to work on construction sites. They also achieve a Certificate of Environmental Awareness to mark them out as Environmental Labourers. Successful participants are then matched with pre-selected employers for a fixed term contract that meets national minimum wage requirements.

Two pilot schemes have been run with funding from Awards for All. The first in July saw four attendees pass the course and start full time employment. A similar success rate was achieved in the second course in October. Two KELP’s have already had their first pay rise and their contracts extended. Central to the programme is continued support for all those who have attended the training.

Click here to read more..

Training opportunities


A six-month mentoring programme for economic justice campaigners

The Finance Innovation Lab and nef (new economics foundation) have joined forces to offer a unique six-month programme designed for ambitious, risingleaders of economic justice campaigns.

Participants will be drawn from across unions, faith groups, NGOs and grassroots movements. Over five full-day sessions and a weekend residential, starting in January 2013, they will learn from experts and from each other. Participants will develop their knowledge of the failings of our current economic model and political system; understand the shape of a new economics; refineand develop their campaign strategies for systemic change and, importantly,build their own leadership potential.

Applications close 12 December. Information pack available here.

Member of the month

The UK Youth Climate Coalition has taken a delegation of young, passionate activists to the UN climate talks in Doha, Qatar. Check out their blog here to read how they are working with international youth, and taking our leaders to task.


Happy Christmas and have a great new year!


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