Newsletter – January 2013


January 2013

Happy New Year! We have survived both Christmas and the Mayan apocalypse, which makes shifting to a green economy look like a trifling matter. Let’s make 2013 count!

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Update from The Otesha Project UK


Just before Christmas, staff from The Otesha Project UK began teaching the Roots of Success environmental literacy curriculum to inmates at London’s Wormwood Scrubs Prison. They spent the day in Wormwood Scrubs piloting the Fundamentals module with an enthusiastic group of inmates involved in the prison education program. Otesha received fantastic feedback from those who participated in the class, as well as from the prison education staff who observed. “The delivery was excellent, aimed at exactly the right level,” one prison education teacher observed, “all of [the men] were fully engaged, regardless of age or ability.” Students appreciated learning about “options for the future in the green economy” and getting help to “find work that’s considered ‘green’.” Both instructors really enjoyed the opportunity to offer fundamental environmental literacy training to people who may not have otherwise had an opportunity to engage with the material, and are looking forward to delivering more Roots of Success classes within England’s prisons!

Hot off the press


As temperatures soar close to 50C in the centre of Australia, wild bushfires are still raging….

…while the worst storms to hit parts of the Middle East in a decade have claimed several lives and left parts of Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan covered in snow…

…and in news closer to home, The Guardian wrote an obituary for the welfare state.

However, if you want some positive inspiration, check out the newly-launched Solar Mosaic. Based in the States, they connect investors to solar projects in need of financing. As the solar project produces clean electricity, it generates revenue by selling power to the solar customer. The solar project uses this revenue to pay back the investors with interest. Sounds good to us!

Case study – Could you bee any greener?

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 15.59.32

The term ‘green job’ may immediately bring to mind people building wind turbines, or installing solar panels and insulation, but we’re pretty taken with the jobs being created in the sustainable food sector as well. That’s why we are so impressed with the work of two London-based social enterprises – The Golden Company, and Rubies in the Rubble. Anyone for a spot of honey or chutney?

The Golden Co. is a social enterprise that reinvests its profits for the benefit of the community. They work with a number of young people from the local area, training them in entrepreneurship, sustainable sourcing, bee-keeping, and hive management. The young people have thrived from the experience and have gone on to join Golden Co retail, pursue further business training and to develop their own start up ideas.
In addition, young people can earn an accreditation on successful completion of the Programme. To date, 25 people have achieved a Business Enterprise Award accredited by ASDAN.


Rubies in the Rubble aims to tackle one problem- our shortage of jobs- with another- our surplus of food. Employing Londoners who are struggling to get back into the workplace to make delicious chutneys creates employment, and also reduces waste: two birds with one stone. They source all of their fruit and vegetables from surplus, fresh from the market before they’re discarded, and they use it all.

Delicious and inspiring. You can find products from both enterprises at Borough Market, and in shops across London.



The J Paul Jnr Getty Charitable Trust is permanently closing to all applications on Friday 18th January, after a decision to wind down the trust over the next three years. Their Improving Prospects funding stream may be of particular interest to the Alliance network, intended to provide meaningful occupation for young people aged 14-19 to improve their employability and diminish the risk of social exclusion. Get applying!

Good Story, set up in memory of young, talented designer Mimi Watts, aims to provide advice, support and funding to young people with creative business ideas, who are stumbling over how to make their idea real. Do pass on through your networks and encourage those young, creative people you know to apply.

That is all from us this month – do email us your opportunities and stories for next month’s newsletter. Send to

See you on the other side of the cold snap!



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