How to do your research

Read Up! – Interested in the whole green jobs business, want to find out a bit more but not sure where to start? Great. There is loads and loads out there to help you on your way.

  • A good book to start with is Green Collar Economy by Van Jones, which sets out all the basic arguments for the creation of green jobs that provide pathways out of poverty. It also has a brilliantly comprehensive overview of the history of the environmental and environmental justice movements that have brought us up to the present moment.
  • If you don’t mind flicking through a few reports, then you will love the Reports & Research section of the Green For All website.
  • You may have noticed that these resources are very U.S. focused – that’s because much of the green jobs work that has gone on so far has been in the U.S. Handily, the IPPR published a report detailing lessons that we here in the UK can learn from the U.S. green jobs market.

Not a reader? Then sit back and get inspired by Majora Carter’s tale of Greening the Ghetto and the green jobs revolution in Chicago’s South Side.

Research your local area – Second thing to do is research your local area.

  • Google is your friend.
  • Make a list of potential partners that you’d like to work with in your area, and people you think it would be useful to talk to and get advice from.
  • Start with the usual suspects – the environmental groups and NGOs – but then challenge yourself to cast the net wider. Think about schools and colleges, unions, businesses, the local council. How about your local church, faith organisation, or youth club? You never know where you’ll find your greatest allies.
  • Especially keep an eye out for initiatives that sound similar to what you want to do – why replicate when you can pitch in?

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