How to host a meeting

  • Once you’ve got your list of potential allies, invite them to an initial roundtable where the aim is to discuss if there is any scope or interest in working together on the green jobs agenda. Lure them in with promises of tea and chocolate biscuits (this is very important).
  • Make the meeting friendly and inspiring. Make sure to introduce the Alliance & everyone there (yourselves included) so that it’s friendly and inclusive for any newcomers. Remember that everyone will have differing levels of knowledge around environmental and unemployment issues. Go round and ask people why they are there and what they want to get out of it. You’ll probably find that they do all the inspiring for you!
  • At the first meeting (and periodically?) ask participants to make a list of ‘who isn’t here who should be invited?’ or ‘what voices are missing around this table?’
  • Document what happened & share it around afterwards (email, put online etc) to keep anyone who couldn’t make it in the loop.
  • After this initial meeting, you might want to have a few more (we did) to focus on how you want to move forward. A combination of big inspiring goals plus small achievable things are good to keep momentum up. Out of all your ideas, which can your group achieve?
  • Set up a taskforce of the most passionate and reliable people to make sure that the grunt work gets done. Someone’s gotta do it, amirite?

Those are the basic building blocks of your alliance! You can give yourself a nifty name if needs be.

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