How to learn and share

  • Create a way for members of your group to keep in touch so you can share information about other events and opportunities. We use a google group. It’s pretty straightforward.
  • Publicise your meetings and have an open door policy – you never know who might walk through it.
  • Visit with other groups and communities who are doing cool stuff, or who want to learn from you. That way, ideas spread like a ripple in a pond. We’re planning a summer tour around the UK to visit with communities who are way ahead in the green jobs game, or who want to support to make something happen. Get in touch if that’s you!

Things may change as you go along, just make sure you’re keeping track of what you’re learning, and doing as much as you can to adapt and share your best practices. We had a crack at it with our blog on barriers to green job creation.

Remember too that failures are just as useful to share as successes (and often more useful) so don’t be afraid to share what doesn’t work. People will thank you. For inspiration:

Hopefully, when your first project is done, you’ll be able to sit down and help yourself to some more congratulatory tea and biscuits. Ours are on standby.

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