How to make your voice heard

There is no point doing what you’re doing if no one’s going to hear about it (as they say – in a vacuum, no one can hear you scream). So don’t be afraid to shout about it and spread the word! Here are a few things we’ve been doing to get out there.

  • Launch event – We had a super successful event in September to celebrate the launch of the East London Green Jobs Alliance. You can read about it here. Some key ingredients that made our launch a success were:
    • Fantastic speakers (we approached some cold, so don’t be scared to ask that inspirational person you’ve been following on twitter!)
    • An impressive invite list – we did a real push to invite anyone who was anyone, using the event as an opportunity to raise awareness about our existence.
    • Some delicious organic wine and nibbles to make sure people didn’t starve.
    • Interactive activities that people could get involved in – we put up sheets asking people to write down their vision for a green economy, and suggest what our priorities should be
    • Some INCREDIBLE volunteers who helped out on the night, without which we might have gone mad.

The best thing was it created a real buzz and proved to us that our community is invested in our mission.

  • Press – We’ve invited local press to events, written articles for trade publications, and written many letters to the editor. Trying to get press attention can sometimes be a slog, but plug away and you never know when you’ll capture someone’s imagination. They might start coming to you!
  • Get about a bit – Make use of other people’s platforms to get heard. We’ve been guest blogging for other organisations over at 10:10 and the New Economics Foundation, written articles for Just Do It and The Occupied Times, and spoken at a TUC conference and at GLASTONBURY. We’ve had loads of fun doing it and reached a lot more people as well.
  • Make friends – Word of mouth is by far the most speedy and reliable way to let people know what you’re doing and get your message out there. Go to relevant events, go out for coffee with others who might have the same goals as you, and generally get to know people. It’s the funnest bit and the only way to make stuff happen.

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