Reports and research

We have collected some key reports and research on green jobs and the green economy to help others in their work to build an inclusive green economy. Check them out, below! If you know of something that should be listed here, please contact us. You can also find a fantastic range of US-focused reports on Green For All’s website here.

Eurobarometer Survey: How Green are Europe’s SMEs? – European Commission, 2013 

Promoting Green Jobs Throughout the Crisis: UK report – European Employment Observatory, 2013

Working Towards Sustainable Development: Opportunities for Decent Work and Social Inclusion in a Green Economy – ILO, 2013

Green Jobs Country Report – UK – Marchmont Observatory, 2012

Green Economy: A UK Success Story – Green Alliance, 2012

‘Green’ growth, ‘green’ jobs and labour markets – Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, 2012

Green Jobs for a Revitalized Food and Agriculture Sector – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations , 2012

Growing Green and Decent Jobs – ITUC, 2012

Investing for the future: More jobs out of a greener EU budget – European Environmental Bureau, 2012

Low Carbon Jobs for Cities – The Work Foundation, 2012

Made in Britain – Renewable Energy Association, 2012

Methodologies for assessing green jobs – ILO, 2012

Promoting safety and health in a green economy – ILO, 2012

Surveying the ‘green economy’ and ‘green growth’ landscapes – Green Economy Coalition, 2012

Towards sustainable construction and green jobs in the Gaza Strip – ILO, 2012

Adapting for a Green Economy: Companies, Communities and Climate Change – UN Global Compact, 2011

Evaluating the Potential for Green Jobs in the next Multi-annual Financial Framework – Birdlife International, 2011

From waste to work: the potential for a deposit refund system to create jobs in the UK – Campaign to Protect Rural England, 2011

Green expectations: Lessons from the US green jobs market – IPPR, 2011

Green Jobs in the Heads of the Valleys – Friends of the Earth, 2011

The Prospects for Green Jobs to 2020 – Yorkshire Cities, 2011

Skills for a green economy: A report on the evidence – BIS, 2011

Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication – UNEP, 2011

Towards a Greener Economy: The Social Dimensions – ILO, 2011

Green and Decent Jobs: The case for local action – IPPR, 2010

Green Skills, Green Jobs: Opportunities for the South West Low Carbon Economy – South West Observatory, 2010

More jobs, less waste: Potential for job creation through higher rates of recycling in the UK and EU – Friends of the Earth, 2010

Skills for green jobs: European synthesis report – European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, 2010

Capturing the Potential: A Green Jobs Strategy for Wales – Welsh Government, 2009

Green Jobs and Skills – Environmental Audit Committee – Second Report, 2009

Green Jobs: Prospects for creating jobs from offshore wind in the UK – IPPR, 2009

One million climate jobs: Solving the economic and environmental crises – Campaign Against Climate Change, 2009

The Future’s Green: Jobs and the UK Low-Carbon Transition – IPPR, 2009

Warm Homes, Green Jobs: The economic impacts of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act in the residential sector – Association for the Conservation of Energy, 2009

Green Jobs: Towards decent work in a sustainable, low-carbon world – UNEP, 2008

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